E R O S Love Medicine Trilogy: 3 Intro Days to Temple Arts

∞ : : E R O S Love Medicine TRILOGY : : ∞
A Journey of 3 Intro Days to Temple Arts
~ 3 Spring Saturdays, each includes a full workshop day and Temple night ~

Inviting you for an intensive journey of 3 Spring-time Saturdays full of new information and experiential learning through practice, transmission and ceremony. Enhancing our experience of life force energy and personal power. Healing our self-concepts and nourishing healthy relationship with ourselves and the other.

21st April – Part I SOVEREIGNTY ~ personal power ~ Wheel of Consent ~ boundaries ~ desires ~ integrity ~ conscious touch

12th May – Part II SACREDNESS ~ intention ~ sacred union ritual
~ energy sublimation ~ embodying divinity in matter

2nd June – Part III SOLIDARITY ~ community ~ play ~ trios ~ fours ~ unshaming, revealing & self-pleasure rituals

This journey aims to give you a playful and deep introduction to the skills and practices explored in Temples of Sacred Sexuality and Sensuality. Each day focuses on different topic and develops different skills. Each day includes an open Temple space in the evening to fully embody what we have learned and to let it run through our neurological system, deeply nourish us and re-programme the old patterns of lack, shame and guilt around intimacy, sexuality and the body.

Open to all levels (total beginners and temple-goers alike) and to both couples and individuals.

Read more here: https://hauptstadt-der-liebe.de/event/e-r-o-s-love-medicine-trilogy-3-intro-days-to-temple-arts-3/

Der Beitrag E R O S Love Medicine Trilogy: 3 Intro Days to Temple Arts erschien zuerst auf Hauptstadt der Liebe.

Quelle: E R O S Love Medicine Trilogy: 3 Intro Days to Temple Arts

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